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Does Google Like You?

If you ever asked yourself, "Does Google like me?", here you will find your answers how to determine wether or not Google likes you (or rather, your site). (April 2003)

Google Search Tricks

Google search tips from my daily experience. (April 2003)

Top 10 Positive Tendencies in Web Design

Some positive criticism of today's web, its design & content. (April 2003.)

Top 10 Errors in Web Design

These are the most common -- and most annoying -- errors in online accessibility, and web design in general. (April 2003.)

Optimizing for Search Engines

Explains in 21 steps how you can optimize your web pages for search engines like Google.

Web Terminology

Explains the correct technical terms used for the World Wide Web languages. Often, these terms are incorrectly used, most notably the "alt tag" (there is no "alt tag" in HTML, only an "alt attribute").


Manage your data online (no database support needed on the server).

PHP/XML based Forum

A thread-oriented forum you can use for free.


About Active Server Pages (ASP) on the Internet InformationServer (IIS). Includes a sample of how to use XML in ASP.

Sitemap Creator

Using ASP, a folder-structure is recursivelymapped to XML, and XSL transformed to (D)XHTML todisplay a sitemap in the browser.

ASP Project Parser

Uses ASP/ VBS and XML/ XSLT/ XHTML to creates an overview of your ASP project (listingsubs and functions in expand-and-collapse style, hiliting keywords, and linkingVB internal functions to the MSDN online help).

Quick Guide to Web Development

A short overview of available technologies and approaches when developing and organizing content for the World Wide Web.

Posts to comp.infosystems.www.*

Smaller collection of hopefully helpful newsgroup postings I made tocomp.infosystems.www.*.

Games Programming

An overview of getting into games programming.


Conversion of CSS to CSSML(CSS as XML application, see CSSML sample) back to CSSagain. Included is the converter-executable and a server-sample in whichASP uses XSL to convert the XML to CSS. From the XHTML:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css.asp?xml=screen" ... />


About the new technologies in the Internet Explorer


About HTML4 in its strict version and the stylesheet-language CSS. Gives an introduction on what it is and why you should use it, then covers structure, properties, cascading, inheritance and bugs.


DOM (Document Object Model)/ DHTML Code snippets, samples and references.


About CorelScript mainly. How to create graphics for games and webpages. Covering web buttons, maps, caricature and animation.

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