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This Basic programming language section includes help and downloads.

BASIC is an acronym for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code", a popular high-level computer-programming language developed in 1964. Using simple english, you enter commands telling the computer what to do. A special converter program translates these into more complicated machine code the computer understands.
For more information, see this newsgroup posting on the history of BASIC.

Blitz Basic

Blitz Basic is a new, incredible language on the PC to make games using DirectX.
Two games for download, plus a tutorial.

VB files 

These Visual Basic executable files run on Windows and are for web-designers. Try Netpadd.com if you're looking for a Notepad-like program for web development.

QB files 

Freeware games, some with BAS source code, some EXE's, some include both. To run the programs you need MS-DOS, like Windows 95. If you don't have a QB interpreter you can run only the programs which have the EXE included (see comments below the programs).


The Echo files archive: The indexed texts are collected newsgroup postings including QBasic discussion, source code and help (sections are divided in parts of 100 files). The long index file is meant to search for keywords with your browser.

Echo files provided by Rick Elbers
Credits go to the individual authors.

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