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Outer Court Blog: Reports on Googlosophy, the World, and the World Wide Web (hopefully daily).

Authorama: Public domain books to read online or offline.

QML: The Quest Markup Language for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games.

OpenTrivia: Trivia games - play & submit your own questions.

Netpadd: Free, open-source Windows text-editor, similar to Notepad.

Malaysia, Kuching: Quick Tourist Guide: Travel Information for Sarawak, Borneo.


Top 40 Hot Topics: DayPop brings you the top 40 topics of news and blogs, and also the current Top Blogs.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report: Web Design & Entertainment.

Davezilla.com:"Excessive use of farce."


BlitzBasic (Mark Sibly):Incredible BASIC flavor for DirectX based 2D games. 3D supportis planned for the future. (The free demo version is fully usable, exceptyou can't create stand-alone executables with it.)

BlitzCoder.com (Krylar):Many tutorials and a game showcase.

VB-Helper How To (Rod Stephens):Lots of ready-to-run code snippets. One of the most helpful sites on VB.


iFiction (Dave Walton):Play text-adventure classics online.

Javascript Games (Scott Porter):A collection of DHTML games. Look out for Pac Man and Frogger. There's info on every game, plus a search page.

Brass Lantern (Stephen Granade):Good site for Interactive Fiction with a regularly updated news section.

Java on the Brain (Karl Hörnell):Great Java games.

Web Development 

WebReference:Probably the best site for client-side scripting/ DHTML information.

Browser Archive:Huge collection of old browsers at browsers.evolt.org.


Fray.com: Different personal stories withillustrations.

Findsounds.com:Search engine for sounds.

High-quality speech synthesis tools are Bell Labs Text-to-Speechand the german WebSpeech.

Apple.com TrailersTrailers and teasers of new movies, released in QuickTime video format.

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