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Madventure is an online station-based text adventure system with random elements and real change during the story.

Updated January 2002 with an important bugfix to finish the game!

How to play 

Madventure can be played with the Internet Explorer 4+ (make sure you don't have turned off JavaScript, graphics and sound). Just click on the link below. After the new window has loaded, click the start button. Now you can choose between the different options given. If there's a "1." preceding the option, press "1" on the keyboard. Same for the other numbers preceding options. Only click the key shortly once, and don't hold it pressed down.

If there's a question box, focus on the input line, enter the text, and click on the "ok" button right to it.
Press "s" to toggle music on and off.

The online version may take a minute or so before anything actually happens


Madventure Online

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