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From: Jester@t-online.de (Jester)
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images
Subject: Re: What's a very good seamless tite maker?
Date: 1997/05/06
Message-ID: <5koeet$8r6$1@news00.btx.dtag.de>#1/1

Seeker wrote:
> I want to select a rectangular selection from an image (sky for example) and
> use the selection to be used as seamless background.
> I have used Photoshop and KPT' seamless welder and they produce very visible
> lines and tiles that look bad. Is there any really good utility out there that
> can make that effect?

If you have Corel PhotoPaint then I could send you a simple 
script I made for that purpose. But basically its just 
using a simple 50% horiz./50% vert. offset and smoothing 
(Gaussian blur step 2 or sth.) the edges/ lines (the cross 
in the middle by masking a "star" form).