Anyland is an open virtual reality universe to create your home, chat with others, explore & live in! Developed with Scott Lowe


Manyland is an open, limitless world built and inhabited by all of you! Developed with Scott Lowe

Versus Pad

Games specifically made for the iPad, and specifically made for two players sitting next to each other.

Cover Browser

Explore and search 450,000+ covers, from comic books to classic magazines and more.

Vintage Ad Browser

Featuring over 100,000 old print ads to explore.

Games for the Brain

Dozens of easy to understand but challenging games.


An overview of easy-to-reference root world problems which, when solved, help us solve other problems.


Give it a try, it is best experienced rather than explained. Co-created with Nikolai.

What Happened In My Birth Year

Enter your birth year to find out.

Grow a Face

A drawing of a face mutates based on your picks. The resulting images can be freely used anywhere. (Also see: Mutating Pictures.)

Your Infinite Painting

Sit back, relax, and give it a try – draw your infinite painting.

What would you look like...

... as a superhero? Take the test and get yours out of over 100,000 hero images!

Films to...

Watch 100s of random films to laugh, think, cry or clap. (Also see: Random App Videos.)

Sketch Swap

You draw an image to get another random image back. Co-created with Dominik. Simple but fun.

Karate Girl Destruction Run

Help Karate Girl get revenge in this iPhone & iPad game with fun physics and a generated random world!

Color Sound Machine

Get creative in this relaxing iPad toy and casually build machines driven by gravity, and full of color and sound.

Dream Place

Create the place of your dreams in this iPad app... with full dragging freedom if you want to play out your stories within it!

Picture Chat

You and a friend share an iPad to talk not by speaking... but by typing pictures!

Sally Sells You Stuff

A photo comic showing Sally and her gadgets & brainy toys.

Siege Towers

A fast-paced, physics based 2-player game in which the player with the higher standing tower wins.

City Bucks

An iPad game for 2 where you build shops, cafes, museums and other locations trying to lure in the most citizens.

Magic Artist

In this iPhone app co-created with Mike, snap a photo or load any picture from your album... and see it being painted right before your eyes!

Google Blogoscoped

A news blog & community that ran for 7 years since 2003, 80% about Google. Also check out my two books about Google.

Graphic Adventures, the Book

... being a mostly correct history of the adventure game classics by Lucasfilm, Sierra and others, from the pages of Wikipedia.

Watch to Learn Chinese

YouTube videos set up to help you learn the Chinese language, co-created with Yinxue.


Read, search or print classic public domain books online.

Quest Markup Language

QML, created in 2000, is a framework and editor to create Choose Your Own Adventure games.


Netpadd is an open source text editor I use for my writing and coding, the new version of which is browser-based.


Discontinued: Sketchcast was a way to easily create a mic recording while sketching to share and embed elsewhere, for explaining things, entertainment and more. With Patrick Gavin & others.


Discontinued: Sketchory contained over 250,000 CC-licensed drawings for playback from SketchSwap. With Nikolai Kordulla & Dominik Schmid.


Discontinued: FindForward was a search engine with many special tools and features.


Discontinued: FutureFeature was a 'wish engine', a web tool allowing everyone to wish for future features (anything from specific movie sequels to politics) in this world and then discuss them.


Created at M+R, Onpage was a content management system in 2001 which worked WYSIWYG right in the browser, allowing you to quickly add modules like news connections or forums, while adhering to a tree inherited stylesheet layout.


AScript was a tile/ scrolling-based adventure game creation system in 1997 which came with a painting program for tiles and avatar scriptability.


Site 1, 2, 3. Basic. CMS in 2001. Caricature 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Her. 1 2 3. Her in '90, Piazetta '95, Vermeer, Charannes, Stubbs, Keown '93, Jr. Mongar & Arthur I II III IV, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. 3D 1 2 3 4.


I'm Philipp Lenssen from Germany, have lived here, in China & elsewhere, and like to write, report, program, create games, apps & sites, design & draw. Email