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From: Jester@t-online.de (Philipp Lenssen)
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
Subject: Re: Style Sheets vs Font tag
Date: 1998/09/21
Message-ID: <6u59fu$dda$1@news00.btx.dtag.de>#1/1
Mark Deayton wrote:
> On the one hand, I've read that the Font tag (in particular the Size and
> Face attributes) is a no-no, and Style Sheets are recommended instead.
> But I understand that Style Sheets will only work with IE3+ and
> Netscape4+, so what's the point of that, since my visitor tracker tells
> me that 30% of my visitors are using browsers that are not compatible
> with style sheets.
> I'm confused.  Which way should I go?

The browsers which don't support stylesheets will still show the page in
an accessible way. For that group you have to ask yourself, do I get my
point across or does the page really break apart if they won't see my
font - but you also have to regard that some won't get the intended font
no matter how you define it (just take Netscape 2 for instance). The
real problems are not caused by non-stylesheet browsers, but by those
supporting them only half the way. Then it comes to reading the buglists
for various platforms, and try to only use things which either work, or
are safe (like, specifying a font could be considerd safe because
ignoring this will still show up the text, absolute positioning can be
considerd risky because ignoring this, things may overlap and make parts
unreadable) if they don't work with some browsers, and that means
testing. Specifically, I test if it works with both Windows NN4 and IE4,
but keep in mind you still won't have the same results on for example
Macintosh even with the same browsers.

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