Mau Mau



In this card game, you play against the computer, trying to put all the cards at hand on the table first in changing turns, switching from you (open hand at bottom) to the opponent (hidden hand at top) and so on. You can put either the same rank at table (for example King of Spades onto King of Diamonds) or the same suit (for example King of Spades onto Queen of Spades). If you have neither same suit nor rank of the table at hand, you draw a card. If you can't put again it's your opponents turn. To start you just click on the stack, to restart you can simply reload the document.

Special cards

Special cards are certain ranks. If you put the wildcard Jack, you can force a suit. With a Seven a penalty of two cards has to be drawn by the opponent. Putting an Eight, the next player looses a turn. A winning hand at the beginning would therefore be four of Eight plus the Joker.


You can only hold up to 10 cards at once, and the penalty by Seven cannot be raised. You need to have JavaScript and graphics turned on and your browser may not support the script.


These are german cards. B is Jack, D is the Queen.


Below are the complete cards.

Seven of Diamonds Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds King of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds
Seven of Hearts Eight of Hearts Nine of Hearts Ten of Hearts Jack of Hearts Queen of Hearts King of Hearts Ace of Hearts
Seven of Spades Eight of Spades Nine of Spades Ten of Spades Jack of Spades Queen of Spades King of Spades Ace of Spades
Seven of Clubs Eight of Clubs Nine of Clubs Ten of Clubs Jack of Clubs Queen of Clubs King of Clubs Ace of Clubs