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The Fancy's Plug-in Terazzo is an easy way to create weird faces out of photo-portrait's. For this, we need a simple photograph. In the example we use a grey shade old picture (see image 1).

Now we seperate the different parts by masking and give them a slight colorization with the smoked glass filter. The part outside of the face is removed with black (see image 2).

Then the Terrazo filter is applied. You just have to use a two side horizontal symmetry half the size of the face and apply it to the right or left side of the nose, eventually with a smooth edge. Since the face is symmetric, this will create a new face that looks like a real one. If the portrait is slightly rotated, either by source or by later rotation, one of the side's larger, while the other is smaller. This gives a distorted look and that's the caricature effect (see image 3).

The last effect is just a horizontal repetition of the exisisting picture, again with a Terazzo filter. The idea is that the right eye of one face can be the left eye of the other, depending on which face you focus. We could even repeat this in the vertical way (see image 4).


Sample - face - 1

Sample - face - 2

Sample - face - 3

Sample - face - 4 

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