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(Following file is freeware.)

The ASP Project Parser displays your Active Server Pages from a certain folder in formatted and expand-and-collapse style. Keywords are hilited, and clicking on a VBScript function name will take you directly to the MSDN-help entry. (Note that for that feature to fully work, you need Windows 2000 server.)

How this tool works:

  1. Displays a Project Parser cover page which links to an ASP, providing the project title and path as parameters (query-strings)

  2. The following core ASP will instantiate the classFileSystemTree-class to collect the file-system into an XML tree

  3. Nodes of the XML file-system tree with the extension ASP are now being read out

  4. For each of the ASP, a certain XML is created in various steps, refining the final XML tree.

  5. Each script-tree is converted to XHTML using XSLT and written to the page.


Parser output

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