Outer Court

Links - Various

Pac-Page: All about the classic arcade

20 Questions: Think of something, answer 20 questions, and let the bot guess what it was.

The Metal Box: Find some interesting games on this shockwave island.

Mona Mailart Show: Variations on Da Vinci's La Gioconda.

Daniel Clowes (Fantagraphics): If you want to read a comic.

Web Development & Programming

QB/ ASM (Rick Elbers) : By the author who provided the Echo files on this site.
"All kinds of QBASIC ASSEMBLY routines, utilities, and discussions. Answers on c.l.b.m. FAQs, pointers to important URLs."

Relatives, Personal

Gerhard Lenssen's homepage: My grandfather.

Mätthi: My uncle.

Das Letzte Kleinod: My aunt.

Hitnet My old house (with Netscape-only Webcam).

Saarstrasse 82/84

My sisters house and their inhabitants.