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My blog: Google Blogoscoped.

I'm Philipp Lenssen (philipp.lenssen@gmail.com), and here you can find useful tools, artwork, games and more. For daily news, see my Google Blogoscoped. My sites include QuestML.com (the choose-your-own-adventure language), OpenTrivia, Netpadd.com (freeware, open-source text editor), Feeeds.com (daily news feeds), FindForward.com (search engine), FutureFeature.com (wish engine), Blog Connect.


Blitz Basic is a great DirectX-based programming languages. It's specifically suited for games. Pearl 6 is a cross between Break-Out and a shoot-em-up (the source files give you an idea how it's programmed: cache.bb, header.bb, init_bricks.bb, main.bb, misc.bb, quotes.bb, sprite.bb). The image filter scripts convert photographs to color or black-and-white sketches. Tom Treasure and Pearl 3d on the other hand I never finished. For more information read the programming tutorials on action game concepts, programming style, and games programming overview.

QuickBasic (and QBasic) can also be misused to write games, which I did a decade ago. QB is a simple, MS-DOS based language. My games: Green Island (strategy), Robot Plague (shooter), Rings (puzzle). I also created AScript and made a sample adventure for it. Rotation just rotates a 3D wireframe. And then there's Kamikaze Aliens VI and V. Pearl 2, 3, 4 and 5 are also available. For some interesting postings on QBasic, I host the Echo files.

Visual Basic 6 can be used to write Windows tools, like WebCol (which converts between different color formats, like hex to RGB percentage), WebMap (which draws client-side image maps for HTML), Retale (which tells a story you paste in quite another way), or Revisioner (a folder-based backup program to add to your Windows context-menu – with friendly permission of M+R Infosysteme where I once worked).


SVG is an open-standard XML language to create Flash-like, vector-based presentations, games, or tools (it's best to have the Adobe SVG plug-in.) Pearl VII is a Space-Invaders/ Pong clone; Facebender distorts an average, andronygous face; Speech-o-Mat talks like a politician.

Browser-based: Madventure is a choose-your-own-adventure game for the Internet Explorer. Love Story is a JavaScript-based story-telling machine which makes you guess who marries and who dies. Cartoon-o-Mat attempts to sketch random cartoons for you. Mau-Mau is a German game of cards which I wrote for Netscape Navigator 3 (I'm getting old).

Shockwave/ Lingo games: just a puzzle, and Wack-a-Rat.

Onpage2 is a CMS (content management system) I wrote at my old job. It uses WYSIWYG Internet Explorer DHTML to create multi-tabbed dialogs, a drag-and-drop sitemap and much more. The backend was MS-SQL, XML, ASP, CSS-behaviors, a lot of W3C and XHTML, and a lot of JScript.

I played around with Java to create the space view demo and a start of a small game.

MIDI Music: I like to compose small game songs on my Yamaha keyboard and edit with Cakewalk. Most of the following were done for the fantasy game Arthur: deeper, Horseshoe, sun fortress, shimmer, journey, attack, birdwalk, intro ancient city, castle, night, moon trumpet, entrance, ocean, throne room, throne room dramatic, rainbow, trees, pirates, and chambers.

Texts: read the Future History of Movies or my thoughts on Daniel Clowes. In German: Geheimkulte, Fetisch Computer, Leonardo, Krüge.


Comic: Eggman is an online comic for kids.

I sketched portraits of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Howard Hughes, Humphrey Bogart, Indiana Jones, Matt Damon, Indy, Clark Gable, Chow Yun Fat, Peter Sellers, Mena Suvari, Flatt & Scruggs, Rick, friends, Jeremy Irons, and Hugh Grant.

Some of my computer game artwork: cave explorer, witch (Poser 3D, sketch), houses (3D-Studio for DOS), castle (Lightwave 3D), little sprites (PaintShop Pro 4), fantasy faces for Mongar's Prophecy (PSP4, PhotoPaint), village, dragon, Infinity game characters (I did over 700 all in all for a game contest). I also did armor, and Infinity backgrounds (Corel PhotoPaint). For the game Arthur, I did house backgrounds (also see the library, skull house, and bone house).

Web design: most of these are rather old by now. Scirocco (for Marko Faldix), Gebra, Imperia 5, Johanniter, Das Letzte Kleinod, and sample 1, 2, and a banner.

Here are paintings which I scanned: Rebecca at the Well (1995, after G.B. Piazetta), Young Woman (1995, after Vermeer), Young Women at the Sea (1995, based on a painting by Puris de Charannes), portrait (1990), boys, horse and lion, Hulk (1993 after Dale Keown, Bishop (after John Romita Jr).

I once took a practical course in Lightware, Poser and other 3D programs. Here are some renderings: Mercedes SSK, a helicopter, robots, controller, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Lucky Strikes, space ship, impossible Escher cube.


Server-side software: XML Forum is a thread-oriented PHP/XML based news forum. It doesn't need MySQL. Neither does QuickDat. In ASP, I made the Sitemap Creator, and the ASP Project Parser. CSSML is an XML application to write CSS. Also see the Quick Guide to Web Development.