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Googlefactor Competition

This game is a competition amongst people, species and things according to their Googlefactor (GF). The Googlefactor is determined as follows: in Google, the thing followed by " is" will be entered, and the first ten result sentences listed on Google will be copied. Repetitions will be omitted. Likewise for violent or profane content. And only English sentences count. Questions will be transformed to statements. Statements can be taken out of context or refer to a different thing, which doesn't matter.

Now every statement is analyzed. If it is a clear negative statement, one point will be subtracted from the default GF of 10. If the statement is positive, irrelevant, or ambiguous, nothing happens. So if there are 3 negative, 2 neutral or irrelevant, and 5 positive statements, this would make for a GF of 7 (10 subtracted by 3). The one with the higher Googlefactor wins. This game can be played with anything, and is completely objective -- I do not express my own opinion here. However, you can feel free to let this game help you make your next decisions.

Comparison #1:
Politicians (Bush vs Clinton)

  1. Bush is the AntiChrist (-)
  2. Bush is Walking Into a Trap (-)
  3. Bush is biggest threat (-)
  4. Bush is rewarding terrorism (-)
  5. Bush Is Not Going to War With Iraq
  6. Bush Is Lying (-)
  7. Bush Is Screwing Korea (-)
  8. Bush is Winning
  9. Bush is Hiring Now
  10. Bush Is NOT President (-)
  1. Clinton is All Wet About the Digital Divide
  2. Clinton is a traitor (-)
  3. Clinton Is Missing the Point (-)
  4. Clinton Is The Sexiest Woman Alive
  5. Clinton is impeached (-)
  6. Clinton is leaving office (-)
  7. Clinton Is to Blame (-)
  8. Clinton is widely known as the most corrupt President ever to occupy the White House (-)
  9. Clinton is last true blue GOP'er In 50 years or so
  10. Clinton Is Ready for Her Close-Up

Bush has a GF of 3.
Clinton has a GF of 4.
Winner: Clinton.

Portrait of Bill Clinton is Public Domain by the The Library of Congress

Comparison #2:
Animals (Dolphins vs Monkeys)

  1. Dolphins are #1
  2. Dolphins Are Back
  3. dolphins are the most endangered (-)
  4. Dolphins are Colour-blind (-)
  5. Dolphins are best of a good bunch
  6. dolphins are toothed whales
  7. Dolphins are left out in the cold (-)
  8. dolphins are attacking my mom (-)
  9. Dolphins are through talking
  10. dolphins are an extremely rare species
  1. Monkeys are the best
  2. Monkeys are Listening
  3. Monkeys are no more
  4. Monkeys are timeless
  5. Monkeys are Fuzzy
  6. Monkeys are not toys
  7. monkeys are so funny
  8. monkeys are invading government (-)
  9. Monkeys are found in two regions of the world
  10. monkeys are for life, not just for Christmas

Dolphins have a GF of 6.
Monkeys have a GF of 9.
Winner: Monkeys.

Comparison #3:
Gender (Men vs Women)

  1. Men Are from Mars
  2. Men Are From Penus
  3. Men Are Scum (-)
  4. Men are the losers (-)
  5. Men Are From Gondor
  6. Men Are Tempted (-)
  7. Men Are Like Fish
  8. Men Are Sons
  9. Men Are Toolbox
  10. Men are Overgrown Kids (-)
  1. women are veterans too
  2. Women are IT
  3. Women Are from Venus
  4. Women Are Wonderful
  5. Women Are Stupid (-)
  6. Women Are From Bras
  7. Women are oppressed (-)
  8. Women are Scientists
  9. women are my weakness
  10. Women are especially prone to early high blood pressure (-)

Men have a GF of 6.
Women have a GF of 7.
Winner: Women.

Comparison #4:
Video Game Consoles (PlayStation 2 vs Xbox)

  1. Playstation 2 is 'console champion'
  2. PlayStation 2 is first to go online
  3. PlayStation 2 Is Serious Fun
  4. Playstation 2 is on the way
  6. Playstation 2 is solid but missing some key pieces (-)
  7. PlayStation 2 is the latest entry in an increasingly sophisticated home entertainment market
  8. PlayStation 2 is now in store with 26 titles available
  9. PlayStation 2 is 55 times more powerful than the original PlayStation
  10. Playstation 2 is gold
  1. Xbox Is in the Chips
  2. Xbox is the one
  3. Xbox is an also-ran (-)
  4. Xbox Is Winning
  5. Xbox is bulky but powerful
  6. Xbox is good for more than just games
  7. Xbox is Kung Fu fighting
  8. Xbox Is Best-Selling Video Game Console After First Two Weeks
  9. Xbox is faulty (-)
  10. Xbox is losing the game race (-)

PlayStation 2 has a GF of 9.
Xbox has a GF of 7.
Winner: PlayStation 2.

Comparison #5:
Food (Spaghetti vs Pizza)

  1. Spaghetti is a quick combo
  2. Spaghetti is on the menu on Sunday
  3. Spaghetti Is Here
  4. Spaghetti is even better than BBQ chicken
  5. spaghetti is the most popular of the Japanese-style spaghetti
  6. Spaghetti Is Only Good in Sauce (-)
  7. "spaghetti" is a plural
  8. Spaghetti is so delicious
  9. spaghetti is my favourite food
  10. Spaghetti is a recipe that originated with my great grandmother
  1. Pizza is just as special with table service
  2. Pizza Is Best
  3. Pizza is Moist and Tastes Funny (-)
  4. Pizza is the most famous and original thin crust pizza pie recipe
  5. pizza is good
  6. pizza is superb
  7. pizza is the heartiest of the pizza varieties
  8. pizza is a lot of dough
  9. pizza is a slice of life
  10. Pizza Is Made At Home

Spaghetti has a GF of 9.
Pizza has a GF of 9.
Winner: (draw)

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