Outer Court

Design - Game art

A cave explorer finding a statue and a witch character performing a magic ritual. I made Poser human models for reference. The sketches were done in black and white and then colored and retouched.

Some buildings like in real time strategy fantasy games, 128*128 pictures modeled and rendered with 3D Studio for DOS. You can take a look at such a building on a typical background. An enemy station from Dimension Bomb.


This is a top-view RPG in the style of Zelda for which I did graphics and music.

Mongar's Prophecy

This game is a first-person 3D RPG.


The Last Guardian is a RPG with Final Fantasy-like graphics.
Since the rights to the graphics reverted back to me, I wrote a game spec for Battle Cry. Please contact me if you're interested in using the 700+ sprite cells.


Building - 3D Studio DOS

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