Battle Cry

List of long-distance weapons

The available long-distance weapons are dependent on the players party class. The list is ordered from low-class, low-damage (first entry) to hi-class, hi-damage (last entry) weapons. All weapons without usability listed have the usability default value of 5.

  1. Apple: single apple (usability 1)
  2. Fruits: collection of fruits
  3. Stone: single stone (usability 1)
  4. Stones: multiple stones
  5. Bow: arrows which fly over any element
  6. Fire-Bow: fire-arrows which fly over any element but water and doesn't cause harm to creatures with magic element fire
  7. Spear: single spear (usability 1)
  8. Spears: multiple spears
  9. Bomb: single bomb (usability 1)
  10. Bombs: multiple bombs