Battle Cry

List of spells


(black magic attack spells)

These are uneffective against characters with magic element fire.

  1. Fire: Shoots an arrow of fire. Cannot be cast over water
  2. Hellwave: Shoots a line of fire. Cannot be cast over water
  3. Volcano: Earth under enemy character explodes and erupts with magma
  4. Devils Breath: The enemy starts to glow and looses health. Only reverted by ice storm


(white magic defense spells)
  1. Cloud: Puts a shield around a character which momentarily decreases enemies lucky shot effectiveness. Cannot be cast over fire
  2. Rainy day: Slows down an enemy character attack ration. Cannot be cast over fire
  3. Energy drink: Momentarily increases agility and strength by 1
  4. Water of angels: Makes a character invulnerable for a limited time


(white magic healing spells)
  1. Breeze: Gives back 10 health points
  2. Hurricane: Gives back 30 health points
  3. Ice storm: Heals all morph spells
  4. Heavenly winds: Gives back all health points


(black magic creation spells)

Each creations mana (health) costs are calculated by its class. A creatures enemy is always the first character around which is the opposite mind of its creators mind. A creature has a constantly decreasing health (spell loosing its effect) but can be healed like any other character. No more then one magic character can be created at a time by one individual player.

  1. Worm: Creeps towards enemy, attacks once, then goes into earth
  2. Spider: Creeps towards enemy, attacks once, then goes to other enemy, repeats until it dies or one enemy dies
  3. Golem: Creeps towards enemy, chooses another enemy when enemy is dead, repeats until it dies
  4. Skeleton: Creeps towards enemy, attacks once, retreats after lucky shot against himself or enemy, attacks again, until enemy dies. Invulnerable character

Character-specific magic

Later on, and only maybe (what follows would be a lot of additional work implementing, and will yet have to be defined in detail):
Each (magic) character will have one individual spell no other character has (example: ninja can disappear, summoner can bring all friends to his position, etc.). This will then introduce morph-spells which will transform the enemies appearance and behaviour. Characters under a morph-spell can either not be controlled anymore at all, or only very hard. Morph-spells are unique (to each character) and have only temporary effect. They could for example after a focussed shot morph the enemy into:

These should be a lot of fun especially in two-player mode.