Battle Cry

The different fight-modes


A fight is the conflict between two enemy parties with at least one party attacking. There is physical fight and psychical fight. Creation spell can result in a physical fight of a magic character against an enemy character or another magic character. Physical and psychical fight never mix at one time, since they use different distances. Magic characters can only use physical fight.

Physical fight

This fight mode works only in short distance. Short distance is when characters are so close to each other that no character would fit between. Physical fight includes attacks of magic characters (see spells).

How this works: A character walks close to another (enemy) character and presses the attack button the longer he presses, the more energy the hit will have and the more health will a lucky shot subtract, but the less likely it is that the character won't hit first. A hit while the other character is preparing a hit is much more likely to result in a lucky shot.

Psychical fight

This fight mode works only in medium distance. Medium distance is about half the horizontal screen size. Psychical fight includes everything in line-of-sight (means: obstacles block psychical attacks since enemy can't be focussed).

How this works: The character chooses a spell which is not element earth (creational spell). Then, he assembles energy for a short time, and a line grows from the center of the sprite outwards. This line can be navigated in clock-wise (right) and counter-clock-wise (left) motion in certain degree-steps. Since the certain degree will have a larger impact the further the line-end is away from the character, the harder it will be to focus an enemy. If the player succeeds in targettig the enemy by pressing the attack button when the line-end is over the enemy, this will be a focussed shot (see the page on a Focussed shot).

Creation spell fight

A magic character is brought to life when a creation spell is finished. This doesn't concern distances since the enemy cannot be chosen (though a magic character will follow and try to attack the closest character around).

How this works: Letting a creation fight means: a character with magic element earth assembles mana (health) to concentrate and call to life a magic creature. To do this, the player has to choose a spell (see spells), and wait without being unattacked for a certain amount of time. Then, a creation pops up in front of the characters looking direction.