Outer Court

Design - 3d Gallery

Mercedes SSK

A Mercedes SSK (1928) in front of a hotel. A toy car was used as reference.

McDonnel Douglas 500 Defender

A chopper modeled after pictures. The background sky was done with LightWaves (slow) sky effect. Same helicopter was used in the Future City picture.

Robot Arena

4 frames from two IK animated robots. These are untouched renderings without motion blur. The human crowd person was based on a highly decimated model from LightWave Power Guide. The stars are real points, created from a jittered half globe.
View Robot Arena as SVG

Future City

A comic which shows a helicopter flying into a futuristic city.


A Gravis PC GamePad modeled after the real thing. The disc shaped chord running away from the pad would've needed a lot more segments to make for a smooth curve.


Two Heroes ® Marvel Comics done with PaintShopPro 4 (Textures), Poser 1 (Models) and Corel PhotoPaint 7 (Retouching).

Rendered rooms of one bigger house made with a 3d interior design program.

Here's a spaceship, modeled with Lightwave. The first picture shows the untextured details that were then put together for the textured version of the second picture.

A picture of a 3d Studio animation that shows a cigarette jumping out of the package. The textures were scanned from the real package and cigarette and then modified.

Now a cube that looks like an impossible construction, and the same cube in a slightly different position that shows how it works.

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