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Basic - VB files - Revisioner

The german-language freeware tool Revisioner helps you keep track and backup older versions of your software, images, texts, or anything else.

How to use

All you need to do is define a source root and target root folder on your computer or network (Revisioner is multi-user capable). Then you can add the "Revisioner.exe" program to your right-click context menu by going to the folder options.

Now when you want to revision a folder, simply right-click it and choose "Revision". A dialog opens that gives you some more options (like a comment for the revision, or which files to exclude), and clicking on "Revision" will copy the files from root to target with a naming like "target_root/project_name/user_name_0003_comment".


The Revisioner was programmed by me, and designed by Marko Faldix and me. The program has been given to the public domain by friendly permission of M+R Infosysteme.

Revisioner is copyrighted to M+R Infosysteme and may not be sold. No warranties are given in case of data loss -- use the software on your own risk.