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Date: 06-11-92 (20:51)             Number: 107
From: QUINN TYLER JACKSON          Refer#: NONE
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Subj: QuickBASIC DESQview            Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

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QB45LOAD.ZIP from 1:153/918 or call 1-604-244-8009

Hope this helps!  You can bet I am gonna include it with all my


Here is the DOC file it comes with....



      Use this program to force QuickBASIC 4.0, 4.5 and BASCOM 6.0 programs
      (compiled as STAND ALONE) to run in a small window and in background
      (TEXT modes only, though).

      Use the program also to run the QuickBASIC 4.5 environment
      in a small window and in background (sorry QuickBASIC 4.0 users!).

      Alter any PIF files so that they execute the following:

      QB45LOAD {switch} program_name program_parameters


        {switch} can be /Q to specify patch QB.EXE (/Q narrows the
                 areas that are scanned and also performs some extra

        program_name is the program to patch

        program_parameters are the parameters that apply to program_name

      I.E. Set up your PIF files like this:

        Program...: QB45LOAD.COM

        Parameters: {switch} program_name program_parameters

        Directory.: whatever is suitable(!)


      Program...: QB45LOAD.COM          - runs CHECK.EXE
(BASIC example program
      Parameters: CHECK.EXE               in a small window and in background.

      Program...: QB45LOAD.COM          - runs Quick environment QB.EXE in a
      Parameters: /Q QB.EXE               small window and in background.

      Program...: QB45LOAD.COM          - runs Quick environment QB.EXE in a
      Parameters: /Q QB.EXE /L QB.QLB     small window and in background and
                                          loads the Quick Library QB.QLB.


      QB45LOAD can only be used on programs that have been compiled
      as STAND ALONE - programs that use BRUN4x.EXE (where x = 0 or 5)
      or BRUN60.EXE cannot be made to window with this loader...

      Also remember that programs that switch into graphics modes
      will not window whilst in that mode - QB45LOAD only works for
      text screens.

      DON'T FORGET to set up your PIF files so that the following option
      is set to No -

        Writes text directly to screen.......: [N]


        Displays graphics information........: [N] - if program doesn't use
        Displays graphics information........: [Y] - if it does.

        Virtualize text/graphics (Y,N,T).....: [N] - when using QB45LOAD...

        Virtualize text/graphics (Y,N,T).....: [Y] - under DESQview 386, if
                                                     you need graphics screens
                windowed, BUT set to NO if you don't. If you set this option
                to Y (under DESQview 386 only), then set Writes text directly
                to screen to Y and DON'T use QB45LOAD.


      All of this sounds pretty neat-o, but it comes with a catch(!)
      when windowing QB.EXE. Even though QB.EXE becomes well-behaved under
      QB45LOAD, the mouse driver (if you are using a mouse) does not,
      since it is a separate program. Consequently, in order to stop
      the mouse pointer from running around the screen outside of the
      QuickBASIC environment window, it is DISABLED (boo hoo!). So you can
      take your choice - either run QuickBASIC full screen and in foreground
      only (unless running DESQview 386 with "virtualization") and use
      the mouse or run it in a small window and in background, but without the
      mouse. The choice is yours.


      The QB45LOAD.COM program may be freely copied and distributed along
      with any software you produce - for sale or otherwise.  No reference to
      QB45LOAD.COM or to Quarterdeck Office Systems is required in your
      software, its documentation or on the transport media.

      Note, however, that Quarterdeck Office Systems accepts no
      responsibility whatsoever for the use or inability to use QB45LOAD.COM
      and for any consequences both direct and indirect that may occur from
      the use of the program.

      Note also that QB45LOAD.COM should not be altered in anyway.

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