Door Programming

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Date: 06-06-92 (01:22)             Number: 80
From: JEFF FREEMAN                 Refer#: NONE
  To: JAMES WILLIAMS                Recvd: NO  
Subj: Door Programming               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
JW>Been hitting those books during the past week.. I am getting the hang of
  >using LINK to link more than one .OBJ file into a massive .EXE file. It was
  >just getting me confused in the environment when I make a module, like how
  >can I call the module within the environment.  I want to write a BBS using
  >diffrent modules (one for the file section, one for the
  >message areas, etc).
  >Is there any way to call a module within the environment
  >from the main module

Use LIB to make all those OBJ files into one huge LIB file.  Then use
LINK /QU to make a QuickLibrary out of that LIB and BQLB45.LIB -- then
when you load QB use the /l switch to load your QuickLibrary (.QLB) as

JW>Oh ok, that seems to have answered my question. Just
JW>make the entire program
  >as one module and then break it up as diffrent modules then compile each
  >module with BC (to make the .OBJ files) then LINK the *.OBJ files together.
  >Is this correct? (seems logical to me ;> )

It's alot easier to make it as seperate modules from the git go than to
break it up later.  You don't even need to go the QLB route if you don't
ant -- when you compile from the environment, BC will compile seperately
and then link all together FOR YOU.  I have noticed that EXE's compiled
and linked manually (i.e. from the DOS prompt) are abit smaller (dunno

JW>I got the source to RBBS and was toying around with
JW>that. I find when I go to
  >load it into the environment, I run out of memory. What
  >is the limitations to
  >the size of the source that can be loaded?

The ONLY limit to memory is what's installed on your computer!  The
problem comes when you get a SINGLE module that's over 64k (or even
close to it).  Break it up into seperate modules and you'll have a GREAT
deal more freedom with respect to program size.

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