Yellow IN QuickBasic

Date:   -  -   (16:49)             Number: 80
From: NECROCIXELSYD #20 @2523      Refer#: NONE
  To:                               Recvd: YES 
Subj: Yellow IN QuickBasic           Conf: (104) The Progra

Here's how to get yellow in QuickBasic SCREEN 13: CLS FOR X = 1 TO 63 PALETTE X, X * 65536 'Blue Shades PALETTE X + 63, X + X * 256 + X * 65536 'White Shades PALETTE X + 127, X 'Red Shades PALETTE X + 190, X * 257 'Yellow Shades PALETTE 255, 50 * 256 + 10 COLOR X + 63 next That's it, you get a four color palette(That's four sets of colors, not just four colors). Necrocixelsyd
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