Graphics in Qbasic or Qui

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To do graphics(VGA) in quickbasic, you need to first specify screen 13. which puts you in 320*200*256 color mode. Then you need to adjust the palette sicne the colors that it gives you are pretty crappy. All you get are some garbage colors then about 20 shades of gray. Here's some code. SCREEN 13 FOR x = 1 TO 63 PALETTE x, x * 65536 'Blue Shades PALETTE x + 63, x + x * 256 + x * 65536 'White Shades PALETTE x + 127, x 'Red Shades PALETTE x + 190, x * 257 'Yellow Shades PALETTE 255, 50 * 256 + 10 COLOR x + 63 NEXT x That should give you good shades of grey, red, yellow, and blue all the RGB colors are hard to get, so this is how you get those. SCREEN 13 Red = 1 Green = 1 Blue = 1 FOR PaletteRange = 1 TO 50 Red = PaletteRange Green = PaletteRange Blue = PaletteRange ToColor = 65536 * Blue + 255 * Green + Red PALETTE PaletteRange, ToColor NEXT Okay, that should give you all of them, just rem out the "Green = PaletteRange" statements to get rid of that shade. Both those examples will not work together, well, they may, but it will be a pretty nasty sight. Necrocixelsyd
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