Re:vga Screen Fader

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 05-28-92 (01:16)             Number: 169
From: RICH GELDREICH               Refer#: NONE
  To: SCOTT LEVENTHAL               Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re:vga Screen Fader            Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

    Here's the code again, just in case it was bad(might of been a comm
error or something).

    It would be rather easy to fade the other way- from dark to bright.
I should of included a subroutine to do that(only a couple of
modifications would be required)...

    If you need this type of fade, let me know and I'll post it!

'****PART 1****
'The following program makes the fade.obj file. To make a .QLB use:
'link /q fade,fade,,bqlb45.lib
'(assuming bqlb45.lib is in the current directory)
'To make a .LIB so you can compile it, enter LIB at the DOS prompt and
'fade.lib  at the library prompt
'Y         at the "Make new library?" prompt
'+fade.obj at the operations prompt
'<Enter>   at the listing prompt

OPEN "fade.obj" FOR BINARY AS #1
S$ = "": Check = &HFFFF: CheckSum = 0
FOR A = 1 TO 345
    READ A$
    A$ = "&H" + A$: V = VAL(A$): S$ = S$ + CHR$(V)
    Check = Check XOR V: CheckSum = (CheckSum + V) AND &HFF

IF Check <> &HFF3F OR CheckSum <> 0 THEN
    PRINT "UNcool! This copy has been trashed!"
    PRINT "Success!"
    PRINT "R.G."
    PUT #1, , S$

DATA 80,A,0,8,66,61,64,65,2E,41,53,4D,CF,88,1F,0,0,0,54,75,72,62,6F,20
DATA 41,73,73,65,6D,62,6C,65,72,20,20,56,65,72,73,69,6F,6E,20,32,2E,30
DATA B9,88,10,0,40,E9,E0,4E,B2,18,8,66,61,64,65,2E,41,53,4D,A0,88,3,0,40
DATA E9,4C,96,2,0,0,68,88,3,0,40,A1,94,96,C,0,5,5F,54,45,58,54,4,43,4F
DATA 44,45,96,98,7,0,48,89,0,2,3,1,8A,96,C,0,5,5F,44,41,54,41,4,44,41,54
DATA 41,C2,98,7,0,48,0,3,4,5,1,C,96,8,0,6,44,47,52,4F,55,50,8B,9A,4,0,6
DATA FF,2,5B,90,11,0,0,1,A,46,41,44,45,53,43,52,45,45,4E,0,0,0,84,88,4
DATA 0,40,A2,1,91,A0,8D,0,1,0,0,55,8B,EC,1E,6,B8,0,0,8E,D8,8E,C0,8B,76
DATA A,8B,4E,8,2B,CE,41,BA,C7,3,BF,0,0,90,8B,C6,EE,42,EE,42,EC,AA,EC,AA
DATA EC,AA,4A,4A,46,E2,EF,BB,40,0,8B,7E,A,BE,0,0,8B,4E,6,90,B2,DA,B4,8
DATA EC,22,C4,74,FB,90,EC,22,C4,75,FB,E2,EF,B2,C7,8B,4E,8,2B,CF,41,90,8B
DATA C7,EE,42,EE,42,AC,F6,E3,D1,E0,D1,E0,8A,C4,EE,AC,F6,E3,D1,E0,D1,E0
DATA 8A,C4,EE,AC,F6,E3,D1,E0,D1,E0,8A,C4,EE,4A,4A,47,E2,D7,4B,83,FB,FF
DATA 75,AD,7,1F,5D,CA,6,0,E7,9C,F,0,C8,6,55,1,C4,19,14,1,2,C4,34,14,1,2
DATA 2E,8A,2,0,0,74

P.S. I just tried this program out and it works fine. Thank god I used
some error checking!

Rich Geldreich

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