Squish 1 of 2

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 05-25-92 (19:42)             Number: 84
From: ZACK JONES                   Refer#: NONE
  To: STEVE MATHIESON               Recvd: NO  
Subj: Squish 1 of 2                  Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 > Has anyone in here got the Squish API stuff for QB4.5? I've seen
 > it in C, and Pascal I believe but I don't know the first thing
 > about either. Has anyone done the conversion to QB??
Here's some stuff I captured a while back - it should help:

(215)   Tue 7 Apr 92 20:55
By: Francois Roy
To: Harvey Parisien
Re: Squish Bases in QB?

---- >On (06 Apr 92) Francois Roy wrote to Gene Buckle... FR> So far, I have only managed to READ the Squish bases; I don't feel FR> confident enough yet to go and ENTER messages in there... >Very interested in your approach Francois. Will you post it? Ok, first, here are the structures (at least what I could make of them: there are more #define's and #ifdef's than useful info in that C stuff). The next msg explains how I use them. TYPE SQIDX ' .SQI file: one of these per message (12 bytes) OFFST AS LONG UMSGID AS LONG HASH AS LONG END TYPE TYPE SQBASE ' .SQD database header (256 bytes): 1 per .SQD file SLEN AS INTEGER RSVD1 AS INTEGER NUMMSG AS LONG ' No of msgs in area HIMSG AS LONG ' Highest msg number (same as NUMMSG) SKIPMSG AS LONG ' # of msgs to protect from autoKill HIWATER AS LONG ' Highwatermark UID AS LONG ' # of next UMSGID to use BASEID AS STRING * 80' Name (incl path) of this message base FBEGIN AS LONG ' Offset to 1st frame FLAST AS LONG ' Offset to last frame FFBEGIN AS LONG ' Offset to 1st free frame FFLAST AS LONG ' Offset to last free frame FEND AS LONG ' Offset to end of file MAXMSGS AS LONG ' # of msgs to keep MAXDAYS AS INTEGER ' # of days to keep msgs for SZSQHDR AS INTEGER ' Size of SQHDR (32 bytes) END TYPE TYPE SQHDR ID AS LONG NEXTF AS LONG PREVF AS LONG FLEN AS LONG MSGLEN AS LONG CLEN AS LONG FTYP AS INTEGER RSVD AS INTEGER END TYPE - Part 2 coming up. --- * Origin: Zack's Shack - San Antonio TX (1:387/905.1)
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