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Date: 06-30-92 (08:22)             Number: 1830
From: RAY CARSON                   Refer#: NONE
  To: BILL CAMPBELL                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: TagMenu                        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

BC> Great code, Ray. Was most impressed. Now I'm just trying to work
BC> out how to jump to Array$(x) when a pressed key matches the first
BC> character of Array$(x). Being your menu I thought I'd ask you for
BC> a route to go to accomplish this. Your thoughts?

I can work it out but it might take a couple of days, I seem to have
more projects than I have time for. The first thing that you will
have to do is change the INKEY$ routine. Change the Keycode to negative
values for extended keys by changing the values of 60, 61, 71, 79,
80, and 72 and the statement under GetKey.

IF LEN(k$) = 2 THEN Keycode = -ASC(RIGHT$(k$, 1))
IF Keycode = -60 THEN                   'F2
IF Keycode = -61 THEN                   'F3
IF Keycode = -71 THEN                   'Home
IF Keycode = -79 THEN                   'End
IF Keycode = -80 OR Keycode = 32 THEN   'Down
IF Keycode = -72 THEN                   'Up

The routine you are talking about should be added before the last line
in the SUB, "GOTO GetKey". First check for a valid key and then for
a match with an Array$() Item.

    IF UCASE$(k$) >= "A" AND UCASE$(k$) <= "Z" THEN
        Match = 0
        FOR Q = X TO N
            IF k$ = LEFT$(Array$(Q), 1) THEN
                Match = -1
                EXIT FOR
            END IF
        IF Match = 0 THEN
            FOR Q = 1 TO X
                IF k$ = LEFT$(Array$(Q), 1) THEN
                    Match = -1
                    EXIT FOR
                END IF
        END IF
        IF Match THEN
            'the display part would go here but I don't have it
            'perfected yet. This is what I have started but is
            'not complete.
            COLOR FgNormal, BgNormal
            Row = UpperRow
            X = 1
                LOCATE Row, Column
                PRINT " " + Array$(X) + SPACE$(MaxLength - LEN(Array$(X)))_
                + " ";
                RowI = Row
                GOSUB CheckTagged
                IF X = Q THEN
                    EXIT DO
                END IF
                Row = Row + 1
                IF Row = LowerRow + 1 THEN
                    Row = UpperRow
                END IF
                X = X + 1
            LOOP UNTIL X > N
            X = Q
            COLOR FgHlight, BgHlight
            LOCATE Row, Column
            PRINT " " + Array$(X) + SPACE$(MaxLength - LEN(Array$(X))) + " ";
        END IF
    END IF

If you get it worked out before I do then let me know else I will be
working on it as time permits.

Ray Carson

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