Bload, Bsave

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 06-28-92 (14:11)             Number: 1666
From: MATT HART                    Refer#: NONE
  To: PHIL HODGES                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Bload, Bsave                   Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 >MH>text.  Also, primitive graphics like PSET can be done
 >MH>through the BIOS.

 PH>  I don't think PSET could be used in that particular screen mode since

Here's a PSET type function that'll work in ANY screen mode:

' BPSET.BAS  Matt Hart
' Do a PSET in any screen mode using the BIOS

    '$INCLUDE: '\BC71\QBX.BI'       ' Use your path to QB.BI or QBX.BI
    DEFINT A-Z                      ' For IDE, load with C:\>qb /l
    DIM SHARED InRegs AS RegTypeX
    DIM SHARED OutRegs AS RegTypeX

' ------------------ Sample Code
    InRegs.AX = &H10           ' EGA 640x350x16
    CALL InterruptX(&H10, InRegs, OutRegs)
    ' We are now in a screen mode unrecognized by QB
    ' No graphics command will work - QB doesn't know we are in graphics.
    ' This'll work with any screen mode - Super VGA, etc...
    C = 1 : Y! = 0
    Slope! = 350/640
    FOR X = 0 TO 639
        CallY = CINT(Y!)            ' Y must be an integer in the CALL
        CALL BiosPSET(X,CallY,C)
        Y! = Y! + Slope!
        C = C + 1 : IF C > 15 THEN C = 1
' ------------------------------

    InRegs.AX = &H0C00 + C
    InRegs.BX = 0           ' BH is page - set to 0
    InRegs.CX = X
    InRegs.DX = Y
    CALL InterruptX(&H10, InRegs, OutRegs)

 * Origin: Midnight Micro!  V.32/REL  (918)451-3306 (1:170/600)
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