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Date: 05-05-92 (19:04)             Number: 168
From: SCOTT DRYSDALE               Refer#: NONE
  To: SEAN PAGE                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: PDS/GIF                        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hi, Boy can I solve your problem!!!

You said:

 SP> Does anyone know of a freeware/PD routine to read a
 SP> 320x200x256 GIF and display it to the screen using
 SP> QuickBASIC of MS-PDS?  Or better still...  does anyone
 SP> know how to display a 320x200x256 picture on the screen
 SP> and capture it into a BSAVE file?  I find it's alot
 SP> easier to draw the pix for my progams on another
 SP> program and import them than to have QB draw it line by
 SP> line.   UNfortunatel, up till now, I've worked solely

  Yep, GET the file called GIFREAD (it's complete readable
Qb SOURCE that loads
  the actuall GIF file with palette!) You can find it at ANY of the QB point
  nodes... or freq it.  There is a faster loading source available but I think
  you should get this first, then the faster one.  As for BSAVE try:

        DEF SEG = &HA000
        BSAVE "Filename.bld", 0, 65535
        DEF SEG = &HA000
        BLOAD "filename.bld"

   Where "Dographics" is the GIFREAD, if loading .BLD files that don't have
   the palette the same as the QB defualt you have to save the palette to a
   separate file... Using gifread you can figure out how it's done.  VGA!!!

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