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Date: 04-29-92 (12:01)             Number: 150
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: 143
  To: SHAWN BOWLBY                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Compiler errors                Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 04-27-92 Shawn Bowlby wrote to All...

 SB> ..... does anyone know a efficient way to compile and link from
 SB> command line, thus far i've only done it in the QB environment. I'm
 SB> still new to QB, so i'm not sure of a few things and any help would
 SB> be greatly appreciated.

 If your program is already debugged and works fine then there is
 really no reason not to use the 'SMALLERR.OBJ' stub file. The EXE
 will be slightly smaller if you use it. If your program doesn't do
 any serial communications stuff then you can also cut the EXE size
 down even more by linking in 'NOCOM.OBJ'. If you have a math
 coprocessor in your machine then linking in 'NOEM.OBJ' would also cut
 the size back a bit more ...but... if you are going to distribute
 your program it is probably inadvisable to use 'noem.obj' because you
 can't count on everyone who gets a copy to have a math coprocessor in
 their machine right?

 The following is a command line example to compile MYPROG.BAS to
 as small an EXE as is possible for QB45. We will assume the use of
 'nocom.obj' and 'smallerr.obj' as well as linking in a number of
 routines from a library called MYSUBS.LIB.....

 BC MYPROG /O;   <----- the /o switch means compile to stand-alone
                        EXE - produces "myprog.obj".

 (Look these switches up in your manual for a full explanation of why
 we are using them in this example.)

 Viola'!! This will produce myprog.exe as small as can be compiled.
 (without using PDQ, that is)

 Ciao4now---------> MHB :-)

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