Date Routine Question

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Date: 04-20-92 (10:28)             Number: 165
From: GARY POOL                    Refer#: 163
  To: RICK PEDLEY                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Date Routine Question          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
-> W& = 0
-> FOR I = 1 TO 2
->    INPUT "MM,DD,YYYY: ", M, D, Y
->    X = -INT((1 / (M + 1) + .7))
->    Z& = INT((M + 1 - 12 * X) * 30.6001) + INT((Y + X) * 365.25) + D
->    X = Z& - 7 * (Z& \ 7)
->    DayOfWeek$ = MID$(Days$, X * 3 + 1, 3)
->    PRINT DayOfWeek$
->    W& = Z& - W&
-> PRINT W&; "days between the two dates."

Unfortunately, upon testing, I've found that this is not accurate.  PC
Magazine had a 'C' version that reported 07/04/1776 as Thursday.  My
friend's assembler version did as well (and I KNOW he thoroughly
debugged it).  This version reported that date as a Tuesday, although
today's date was calculated correctly.  Something must be off in the
figuring of the leap years.  I have not tried Dick's solution yet (which
only returns today's date -- I should have been more specific and said
any date rather than being lazy and using DATE$ as an example).  It
looked a little confusing to me.  I didn't quite understand where the
256 came from in his example.  So I think I'm still looking for a date

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