command$ ACTUAL CASE?

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 04-24-92 (16:55)             Number: 186
From: MICHAEL MALLEY               Refer#: 179
  To: DAVID BLISS                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: command$ ACTUAL CASE?          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
DB>Is there any way to get the COMMAND$ in the case it was
DB>entered?  I have a kludge for 4DOS but I cant use that in
DB>anything I distribute.  any help will be appreciated.

MM>There is a way, but you will have to trace through the Program
MM>Segment Prefix (PSP) by yourself to do it.

David, I'm sorry.  I meant to include the code before, but forgot to
when I U/Led my packet.  Here is what you have to do.

 -----------------------[ COMMAND.BAS]-------------------------
     ax    AS INTEGER
     bx    AS INTEGER
     cx    AS INTEGER
     dx    AS INTEGER
     bp    AS INTEGER
     si    AS INTEGER
     di    AS INTEGER
     flags AS INTEGER
     ds    AS INTEGER
     es    AS INTEGER
DECLARE SUB InterruptX (intnum AS INTEGER, Inreg AS RegTypeX, outreg AS_

DIM Regs AS RegTypeX = &H2F * 256
InterruptX &H21, Regs, Regs

Offset = Regs.bx
Length = PEEK(Offset)

Cmd$ = SPACE$(Length)

FOR Counter = Offset + 1 TO Offset + Length
    MID$(Cmd$, (Counter - Offset)) = CHR$(PEEK(Counter))
NEXT Counter



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