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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 04-19-92 (16:50)             Number: 138
From: JEAN CREPEAU                 Refer#: NONE
  To: JW MILTON                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Sring Space                    Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
In a message to ALL, JW MILTON wrote:
JM=> Is anyone  familiar with how  QB45 handles string  space?  I  run RBBS
    bulletin Board, written  in QB45.   Whenever i large  group of text  is
    read or written (i don't know  which) RBBS responds with 'ou od  string
    space in module ...' 'press any key to return to system'

JM=> If a user  is reading mail on-line,  a large message eill  cause this,
    causing the system to reboot.

JM=> How can I: 1) Enlarge my string space.

JM=> 2) Prevent QB45 from printing 'press any key...'

        Unfortunately, you can't change the total string space... The  best
you could do is to release  some stack/heap space with the CLEAR  sentence,
but maybe your program won't work is there is not enough stack/heap space.

        To avoid the "Press any key to return to system", you must use  the
ON ERROR GOTO sentence. This sentence, once executed, will trap any  error.
When an error  is found, a  GOTO is done  to the label  you specified. Your
routine may check what  is the error number  with ERR. The different  error
values are discussed in  your QB book (check  in the appendix D,  I think).
Your routine can take a decision depending on the error and choose to  stop
the program, resume the execution of the statement that produced the error,
skip over  that statement,  or simply  do a  GOTO at  the beginning of your
program (or somewhere else).

Note: If you  use ON ERROR  GOTO statement, you  must compile your  program
with the /E option. If you use RESUME or RESUME NEXT, you must compile with
the /X option.
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