QB help with disk files?

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Date: 04-15-92 (09:36)             Number: 187
From: TOM HAMMOND                  Refer#: NONE
  To: DONALD SUTER                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: QB help with disk files?       Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
DS> OPEN the sixteenth file.  My autoexe.bat has FILES=50 BUFFERS=30.
DS>Shouldnt QB4.5 be able to open more than 15 files at one time?

RV>I've seen code on one of the echoes about using interrupt
RV>to go in and increase the maximum DOS file handles.  I'm
RV>interested too.  I'll look and see if I captured any code.


I sent a reply to you a week or so ago, but it apparently got dumped
into the bit bucket somewhere along the line.  Hope you get this one.

  'To      : ALL                                    Date: 12/30/91 2:48p
  'Subject : Open mega files at once 2

  ' The following is a BASIC code example of the DOS interrupt necessary
  ' to access more than 20 DOS file handles:

  ' $INCLUDE: 'qb.bi'
  ' For BASIC PDS 7.00 include QBX.BI
  ' For QuickBASIC include QB.BI


  DIM InRegs AS RegType, OutRegs AS RegType

  NrFiles = 40    '35 open files + 5 file handles for DOS I/O


  ' --------------------------

  '  This section of code did NOT come from Howard Mencher, but DOES
  '  appear to be REQUIRED in order for you to open more than about
  '  28-29 files at one time.

  '  MUST deallocate some memory from the Far Heap

  ON ERROR GOTO ReAllocateFarHeap

  Allocate = 128  '128 bytes is good up to at least 80 open files

  HeapBefore& = SETMEM(0)   ' Get size of far heap
  IF HeapBefore& - SETMEM(-Allocate) >= Allocate THEN
    FarHeap& = SETMEM(-Allocate)
    PRINT "Insufficient Memory to de-allocate"

  ' --------------------------

  'Continuing with code from Howard Mencher

  InRegs.ax = &H6700         'SetFileHandles function

  ' Value in BX register must be odd in DOS 3.30; odd or even in later
  ' DOS versions; ranging from 21 to 255:
  InRegs.bx = NrFiles      'The number of files to open

  CALL Interrupt(&H21, InRegs, OutRegs)

  FOR I% = 1 TO NrFiles - 5   '5 files are reserved for
                              '  DOS standard I/O.
    File$ = "Junk" + STR$(I%)
    PRINT I%

' --------------------------

  ' This code did NOT come from Howard Mencher.  It just serves to
  ' verify 'that the deallocated memory is successfully returned to
  ' the Far Heap.

  FarHeap& = SETMEM(Allocate + 128) 'Return AT LEAST as much memory
  HeapAfter& = SETMEM(0)            '  as was deallocated
  PRINT "Before:";   HeapBefore&
  PRINT " After:"; HeapAfter&
  IF HeapAfter& < HeapBefore& THEN PRINT "Far Heap Memory NOT returned"

--------------- CUT HERE ---------------

When I imported this file into SLMR, it wrapped pretty badly.  I think
I was able to get it reformatted correctly.  Hope so anyway.

Hope this helps.  Good Luck.

Tom Hammond      N0SS
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