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Date: 04-16-92 (02:54)             Number: 80
From: RICK PEDLEY                  Refer#: NONE
  To: GARY POOL                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Date Routine Question          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 04-13-92 GARY POOL wrote to All...

 GP> Does anyone have a good routine that will t/XX/+aUke+a/ll/ the day of
 GP> the week from the date?  (Sorry, a lot of line noise today).
 GP> For example, Call DayOfWeek$(Date$) would call a Function DayOfWeek$
 GP> that would return Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  A friend of mine did
 GP> it in assembler on the host, but if I ask him for the algorithm, he will
 GP> harrass me to no end.  I'm sure that this is something that has been
 GP> done many times before, so I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.  Thanks in
 GP> advance.  gp

This'll do it.  It's not my code, BTW.  I think I translated it from
an Applesoft listing in a Nibble magazine.  Also calculate # of days
between two dates.

'Calculates number of days between any two dates and gives day of week
'for both dates.

DEFINT A-Z 'any variable without a type identifier is a short integer.
           '& means long integer

W& = 0
FOR I = 1 TO 2
   INPUT "MM,DD,YYYY: ", M, D, Y
   X = -INT((1 / (M + 1) + .7))
   Z& = INT((M + 1 - 12 * X) * 30.6001) + INT((Y + X) * 365.25) + D
   X = Z& - 7 * (Z& \ 7)
   DayOfWeek$ = MID$(Days$, X * 3 + 1, 3)
   PRINT DayOfWeek$
   W& = Z& - W&
PRINT W&; "days between the two dates."

... OFFLINE 1.36 * I just found the last bug.

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