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Date: 04-10-92 (01:33)             Number: 119
From: JEAN CREPEAU                 Refer#: NONE
  To: CHRIS HOWARD                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Libraries                      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
In a message to ALL, CHRIS HOWARD wrote:
CH=> I am a new programmer to  the world of QUickBasic, I used basic  on an
    Apple II  in high  school about  10 years  ago, and  have re-discoveres
    basic  via  the MS-DOS 5  version of Basic  in Qbasic, Now  I know that
    Qbasic is  only an interpreter, I managed to finally get QuickBasic and
    start the   work  on it.  I have  a quick  question though,  and please
    forgive the   simpleness of my  question, but what  benefit do you  get
    from linking a  program to a  library ? I have not managed to  read the
    manuals yet, but  from reading  some of these messages, I can  see they
    are an important part  of programming. Can someone give me a  beginners
    view of what these  libraries  are and how they are used.  Any response
    would be  greatly   appreciated.   Chris Howard   Via SPITFIRE Bulletin
    Board System - Version 3.2

        LINKing  is  an  advanced  programming  technique. It allows you to
split  your  program  into  many  different  modules  (object  files). Your
compiler never procudes an  executable file directly. Instead,  it produces
an object files, which contains  compiled codes, symbol, segment and  group

        The  LINK  takes  your  object  file  and search for any unresolved
symbol. For example, you may do a CALL TEST in a program and place the  SUB
TEST definition  into an  other file.  When you  compile your main program,
BC.EXE places a  pre-comipiled instruction CALL  with a symbol  called TEST
(i.e. . The linker searches for TEST  in the rest of the object module.  If
it  doesn't  find  it,  it  searches  into  the  libraries.  A library is a
collection of object modules. If  the LINKer finds the symbol  into another
object modules, it adds this  object module to your final  executable file.
All object modules are melted together, LINK replaces the symbols with  the
good adresses, makes a relocation  table, and store everything in  your EXE
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