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Date: 06-27-92 (15:52)             Number: 1511
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: NONE
  To: JAMES VAHN                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: uuencoder                      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 06-26-92 JAMES VAHN wrote to MARK BUTLER...

 JV> I just received the automagic UUDecoding program which I will
 JV> forward here in case anyone missed it.  For brevity I think the
 JV> checksumming was omitted along with the line length specifier-
 JV> that makes it kinda 'non-standard' if there is such a thing.  If
 JV> I had a little more time on my hands...<hint hint>!  Did you get
 JV> the UUencoding details I sent to Zack?  :-)

 Yep. The explanation of just *how* UUE was mapping the binary
 material into printable characters flew right over my head for the
 most part though ;-)

 As far as 'cmos.scr' goes... am I to understand that the debug script
 header part of it can be added to *any* other UUE file and get a
 recompilation of the original file?

 -----------------------[...some time later...]-----------------------

 Hey it works! I took a comfile of a completely different size,
 created a UUE file from it, added the debug script header to the
 result and it recompiled just great! First I had to go through the
 UUE created file and strip the 'M' from the beginning of each line
 and of course you don't use the 'begin 664' or the 'end' statement
 lines either. But after editing that stuff out what ya get is a self-
 reconstructing debug script for the original file that is quite a bit
 smaller than it would otherwise be. I am going to try this with some
 other files and see if this is reliable in all cases.

 -----------------------[...much later still...]----------------------

 Hmmm, I got down and tried my hand at writing something up that
 will convert a file produced by UUE11.COM into a debug script. The
 results are in the next three messages so pound that enter key now!

 -----------------> MHB :-)

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