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Date: 06-27-92 (22:24)             Number: 1507
From: MIKE KELLY                   Refer#: NONE
  To: RAYMOND KEITH                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: Text mode fonts/mouse      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
In a message of <Jun 27 08:58>, Raymond Keith (1:105/224) writes:
 >The second way takes a bit more work, but is cleaner code and involves
 >playing with the various character tables. In text mode, you can design up
 >8 complete 256 character tables. You can even use 2 of these at one time.
 >cleanest way to do this is to re-design one of the other tables rather than
 >the default one as I did in the example. Then before ending your program,
 >switch back to the default table. Although this is less sloppy than issuing
 >a worthless screen command, I thought it was too much work compared to
                                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ???


It couldn't be simpler or easier (and much cleaner than
fiddling <g> with the user's SCREEN).

SUB ResetFont
  DIM reg AS regtype           ' Standard DIM = &H1104              ' AH = &H11; load font
                               ' AL = 4, load VGA 8x16 ROM font; or
                               ' AL = 1, load EGA 8x14 ROM font
  reg.bx = &H0                 ' BL = Block to load
  Interrupt &H10, reg, reg     ' CALL Interrupt 10


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