Using Pbclone Library

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Date: 04-07-92 (21:20)             Number: 144
From: MIKE MCFARLAND               Refer#: 9
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Subj: Using Pbclone Library          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
ZJ>Perhaps I don't understand how to use libraries with QB
ZJ>(PBCLONE.QLB) input path:"
ZJ>         ^^^^ - I know the PBCLONE file included in the archive is
ZJ>titled PBCLONE.LIB, which you use with the linker.

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In the QB/QBX environment you need to load the QUICK library with /L
You should have received the object code ".OBJ" with your library.
If your using QB45 use link like the following to create your QLB.


This should create your QLB file for use in the environment but you will
still need your ".LIB" file when you create the .EXE
Have fun and let me know,

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