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Date: 04-06-92 (22:38)             Number: 176
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: 170
  To: STEVE HALKO                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Hello.exe                      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 04-05-92 STEVE HALKO wrote to JEAN CREPEAU...

 SH> Hmmm... the /BI option is not mentioned in the QB manual, nor in
 SH> Ethan Winer's book, but it IS displayed as an option when you type
 SH> LINK /HELP.  If QB can't use this option, then what is it for?  Can
 SH> the QB linker be used with other languages?  If so, how is it
 SH> different from the other linkers?

 Well, I don't know why the linker that came with QB will do it but I
 have found it to be quite useful when compiling ASM files into COMs.
 Normal procedure goes like this right?....

 LINK COMPROG.OBJ;            <---- creates semi-useless comprog.exe
 EXE2BIN COMPROG, COMPROG.COM <---- converts to COM file
 DEL COMPROG.EXE              <---- garbage cleanup
 DEL *.OBJ                    <--------'

 with the QB linker I can just do it this way....

 LINK/BI COMPROG.OBJ;         <---- creates comprog.com without
                                    any intermediary EXE file.
 DEL COMPROG.OBJ              <---- garbage cleanup

 Why MS included this capability I dunno... but I aint complaining
 either <grin>. My best guess is that MS meant *all* it's linkers to
 be used interchangeably. I have also found that I can use QC2's
 linker or DOS's linker to link programs back and forth among ASM
 files, QuickC and QB. QC2's linker doesn't seem to have the /BI
 switch for making COM files though. It would seem to me that it would
 be ever so *slightly* more appropriate there but it doesn't have it.

 Like the 'programmers bible' sez...

 "MicroSoft moves in mysterious ways, it's programs to compile."

 -----------> MHB ;-}

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