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Date: 03-31-92 (12:53)             Number: 193
From: KEVIN NEWELL                 Refer#: 127
  To: TRENT SHIRLEY                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: Help with com routine      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Trent!

In a msg of <29 Mar 92>, Trent Shirley writes to All:

 TS> I need to be able to read a text file that contains the baud rate, com
 TS> port #, and basic settings for the modem, and then open the com port
 TS> as a file, using that data. I dont seem to be able to use a variable
 TS> to open the com port, and was hoping someone could tell me how to do
 TS> this, or an alternate way to acheive the same purpose.

 TS> I typically use something similar to this:
 TS> Open "Com2:2400,N,8,1" for RANDOM AS #1

 TS> since I want the com number and baud rate to be variable, how can I
 TS> pass this info into the OPEN command line?  It would also be nice to
 TS> be able to set the Parity, data bits, and stop bits in the same line
 TS> as well, instead of having them fixed.  Right now the only way I can
 TS> accomplish this is to have a BUNCH of IF statements to open the com
 TS> port with.

 TS> Any ideas?

Well you could do something like this

INPUT Port$, Baud$, Parity$, DataBit$, StopBit$
OPEN Port$ + Baud$, + Parity$ + DataBit$ + StopBit$ FOR RANDOM AS #1

This would work PROVIDED that you have your Text file set up as...


You can get more involved with this and check each variable
for completeness and change it to the proper syntax...

Chat Later!

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