Area:    Quik_Bas
  Msg:    #16
 Date:    03-25-92 00:26 (Public) 
 From:    Steve Halko              
 To:      Bill Beeler              
 Subject: Qlb                      
BB>In a message to Bob Sewell <21 Mar 92 03:29> Michael Orchekowski wrote:

BB> >BS>undesired carriage return/line feed. The following 
BB> >BS>is off the top of my
BB> >BS>head, so if it doesn't work right, fiddle with it until it does.

BB> >BS>   OPEN "cons" FOR OUTPUT AS #1         'opens the screen as a file
BB> >BS>   OPEN "ansifile.ans" FOR INPUT AS #2  'open your ansi file
BB> >BS>   WHILE NOT EOF(2)                     'perform 
BB> >BS> loop until end of file
BB> >BS>     LINE INPUT #2, a$                  'get a complete ANSI line
BB> >BS>     PRINT #1, a$;                      'put tha line on the screen

BB> MO> Should be 'OPEN "CON:" FOR OUTPUT AS #1', otherwise it will open the
BB> MO> disk file named "CONS". A distinct difference. MPO.

BB>QB has had, as long as I can remember, the CONS option.

  Not quite - the name of the device is not CONS it is CONS:

  So the proper way to OPEN the console is :


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