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Date: 06-15-92 (07:11)             Number: 557
From: QUINN TYLER JACKSON          Refer#: NONE
  To: MARSHALL EMM                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Bas2asm.Bas                    Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
ME>'I hope to develop a further version that will produce code that
ME>'can be directly assembled by MASM and A86.  This would allow
ME>'QuickBASIC programmers who also know ASM to convert QuickBASIC
ME>'to ASM, edit the ASM directly, and assemble under MASM or A86

ME>That sounds like it would be pretty useful, Quinn.  What you have
ME>done is good, but so much seems to be in BCOM45.LIB that I
ME>wouldn't be able to make much use of it-- unless in the meantime
ME>you can replace those calls with the unassembled code [g].

That could be done without much trouble, but you must understand that to
do so would be in direct violation of Microsoft's copyright on that
code. So, for now, I leave it to you to:

1) Extract the OBJ from BCOM45.LIB like this:

        LIB bcom45 *DYNAMIC (where DYNAMIC is the OBJ file one finds
        array functions like B$RDIM)

2) Link the OBJ file like this


3) Examine the resulting EXE file like this....


4) Then you just unassemble the code with this command, where n is the
first offset of executable code

        U n

Just don't publish the results, since I believe Microsoft owns the
copyright to the resulting code.  The COMPILED code that BAS2ASM
produces is your business, but the code in the BCOM45.LIB is not for
publication, I think, except by them.


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