Problems with Sort and Ot

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 03-24-92 (09:27)             Number: 180
From: MATT HART                    Refer#: 41
  To: RON HENDERSON                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Problems with Sort and Ot      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 RH> I am having some problems sorting arrays.  Specifically ones with three
 RH> elements or more. A$(i,j,k) for instance, is an array I am using to
 RH> input three pieces of data, Name, Address, and City for example.

I think you have you method of storage wrong.  To save data
on 3 different items, Name, Address, City, you would use:

     INPUT "How many names";NumNames

     DIM A$(1 TO NumNames,1 TO 3)

     FOR i = 1 TO NumNames
          LINE INPUT "Enter name ";A$(i,1)
          LINE INPUT "Enter address ";A$(i,2)
          LINE INPUT "Enter city ";A$(i,3)
     NEXT i

     INPUT "Sort by (N)ame (A)ddress or (C)ity ?";B$

          CASE "N" : El = 1
          CASE "A" : El = 2
          CASE "C" : El = 3
          CASE ELSE : END

     FOR i = 1 TO NumNames - 1
          FOR j = i+1 TO NumNames
               IF UCASE$(A$(i,El)) > UCASE$(A$(j,El)) THEN
                    SWAP A$(i,1),A$(j,1)
                    SWAP A$(i,2),A$(j,2)
                    SWAP A$(i,3),A$(j,3)
          NEXT j
          PRINT "Name    : ";A$(i,1)
          PRINT "Address : ";A$(i,2)
          PRINT "City    : ";A$(i,3)
     NEXT i

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