Re: Number Conversions

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 03-22-92 (17:30)             Number: 158
From: DONN BLY                     Refer#: NONE
  To: KEVIN NEWELL                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: Number Conversions         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 > I am looking for a quickie and easy way to convert
 > decimal to base 36 I have seen some code in the past,
 > but I can not  find it...

Is this what you want?

FUNCTION Base36$ (Number&)
   Hold& = Number&
   OutPut$ = ""
      NewHold& = Hold& \ 36
      Digit% = Hold& - NewHold& * 36
      IF Digit% < 10 THEN Digit% = Digit% + 48 ELSE Digit% = Digit% + 55
      OutPut$ = CHR$(Digit%) + OutPut$
      Hold& = NewHold&
   Base36$ = OutPut$

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