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Date: 03-21-92 (17:28)             Number: 144
From: SCOTT DRYSDALE               Refer#: NONE
  To: CORIDON HENSHAW               Recvd: NO  
Subj: Graphics formats               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
   You once said in a message:

 CH> Does anyone know how to decode a TIFF file in ANY basic supported res?
 CH> 2: Does anyone have a program that can decode 320X200 by 256 PCX files?
 CH> 3: Does anyone have a program that can decode 16 color GIF file?
 CH> 4: Is there any quick and small way to put graphics

   Well the answers to all of those is yes, with the exception of #4, what
   I mean by that is that it tends to take up a bit of bytes on yyour disk,
   no not big megs, but more then a gif, but the wierd thing is that they ZIP
   to a smaller size then the original GIF.  Autodesk Animator comes with a
   CONVERT.EXE programme that will convert ANY graphics
format to a 320x200x256
   .GIF, that includes PCX, TIFF, MAC, ega GIF, and amiga.  ONce you have the
   converted GIF you load it using GIFREAD.BAS and add to the end of that
   programme before it CLS's:

DEF SEG = &HA000
BSAVE "filename.BLD", 0,65535

   Then whenever you want to load the BLD file in screen 13 type:

BLOAD "filename.BLD"

   You'll have some trouble with PAlettes, if they're not the QB default
   though, I save mine either in different files or on top of the BLD, then
   take it out right before loading.  The trouble with all this is you either
   have to have a friend who has CONVERT.EXE or you have to buy Autodesk
   Animator (cheapest I've seen is around $200).  Hope this all helps.
   Oh, you can get GIFREAD, or was it READGIF, at any QuickShare point.  It
   will decode ANY screen GIF that's under 32k.

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