BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 03-10-92 (03:10)             Number: 140
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: 120
  To: TIM LAWING                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: Bsave                          Conf: (11) Quik_Bas

On 03-08-92 Tim Lawing wrote to All... TL> I have a screen that I want to save. I have tried to TL> understand this from a couple different manuals, still not TL> clear. The screen is Screen 0. Someone please explain to TL> me the process of reading the screen and placing it into a TL> file. Please explain Def Seg to thanks. If you want to save the entire screen put this line into your program right after whatever it is you are doing to get the screen up that you want to save... DEF SEG &HB800 '*** use &HB000 for monchrome monitors BSAVE "screen.bsv",0,4000 DEF SEG ^ ^ | | | +----------- screen size for 80x25 text mode offset 0 ( screen 0 ) For screen 1 or 2 better use 16384 When you want to redisplay the screen the process is similar... DEF SEG &HB800 '*** use &HB000 for monchrome monitors BLOAD "screen.bsv",0 DEF SEG "def seg" means "define segment". In this case we defined it to the video segment for a color monitor. The video segment for monochrome is different, it's &hb000 After either of these routines return the segment to what is what before with a simple "def seg" or you might have problems later on in the program. -------------> MHB :-) ... OFFLINE 1.36 * I don' gotta show you no steenking tag line!! --- Maximus 2.00 * Origin: The Bear's Den (1:105/305)
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