Date: Sun Mar (13:11)              Number: 107
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Subj: Ok..                           Conf: (19) The Progra

Re: Ok.. By: Belgarath #84 @4122 VirtualNET > I agree with you that Quickbasic isn't as bad as he said, but I don > don't think that you can say that you can reproduce everything from Pascal o > C in Quickbasic. Try to create a program with more than 64k of code. How The .EXE for the BBS you entered that on is about 350k big, 100% quickbasic. > about with 500k of data? DYnamic allocation, as long as the memory's there... > Or how about a program in 800x600 256 color mode? inregs.ax = &H0065 CALL INTERRUPT(&H10, inregs, inregs) ' that places you in 800x600 DEF SEG = &HA000 for i = 1 to 100 poke i, i next ' write to screen memory ----- /* origin: */ main(){int i=0;while(putchar(i++["Htdgjrhvm*MN`\xE"]-i));}
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