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Subj: OKOKOKOK                       Conf: (19) The Progra

Re: OKOKOKOK By: Russ #87 @3454 VirtualNET > Obviously, I have not used any of the new BASICS, but I think that anyo Obviously. > who wants to argue that any BASIC is better than 'C' is fighting a losing > battle. How fast is BASIC compared to 'C'? How much room difference is there I program in both C and BASIC, and BASIC is very nice for a lot of things. You can get a lot done with fancy screen output (256 color VGA is built in) without worrying about a lot of details. > Can you use interupts easily (with JUST BASIC CODE)? inregs.ax = &H0000 inregs.bx = &H0034 CALL INTERRUPT(&H21, inregs, outregs) ' look ma, I just called int 21h ----- /* origin: */ main(){int i=0;while(putchar(i++["Htdgjrhvm*MN`\xE"]-i));}
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