BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-21-92 (19:35)             Number: 362
From: BRENT ASHLEY                 Refer#: NONE
  To: RAYMOND PAQUIN                Recvd: NO  
Subj: QB SIMULTANEOUS KEYS           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
; KeyPress.ASM by Brent Ashley
;   maintains map of  the "pressed" status of all keys
;   allows you to detect multiple keys pressed
.model medium, basic
Old09        Label Dword          ;Label for to old Int 09h handler
Old09Offset  dw ?                 ;Offset part
Old09Segment dw ?                 ;Segment part
Hooked       db 0                 ;Our installed flag
KeyMap       db 80h dup(0)        ;map of kybd, one byte per scancode

InstKeyPress proc uses ds ax dx   ; From BASIC: CALL InstKeyPress
                                  ; REMEMBER to call UnhookKeyPress!
        cmp cs:Hooked,0           ;Are we already hooked?
        jnz InstallExit           ;If so, exit
        mov ax,3509h              ;Get current vector for int 09h
        int 21h
        mov cs:Old09Segment,es    ;Remember it for later
        mov cs:Old09Offset,bx
        mov ax,2509h
        push ds
        push cs
        pop ds                    ;Point int 09h handler to our code
        mov dx, offset OurInt09
        int 21h
        pop ds
        mov cs:Hooked,-1          ;Set our installed flag


OurInt09:                         ;Our Int 09h handler
        push ax
        push bx
        push dx
        push si

        in al, 60h                ;get scancode from keyboard port
        test al, 080h             ;is "released" bit set?
        jnz Released              ;yup - go to it
        mov dl, 0FFh              ;nope - set key pressed flag
        jmp PutFlag

        and al, 07Fh              ;yes - clear bit for index
        mov dl, 0                 ;and set flag for release

        xor ah, ah
        mov si, ax                ;assign index
        mov cs:KeyMap[si], dl     ;put flag in place

        pop si
        pop dx
        pop bx
        pop ax

        jmp dword ptr cs:[Old09]  ;Transfer control to orig Int 09h
InstKeyPress endp

KeyPressed proc uses bx si, ScanCode:WORD
        ; from BASIC: TrueOrFalse% = KeyPressed(ScanCode%)
        mov bx, ScanCode          ;get scan code addr
        mov si, [bx]              ;load value as index

        mov al, cs:KeyMap[si]     ;put flag in al
        and al, 07Fh              ;make sure less than 80h
        cbw                       ;convert to word for integer value
KeyPressed endp

UnhookKeyPress proc               ; from BASIC: CALL UnHookKeyPress
        cmp cs:Hooked,0           ; are we installed?
        jz UnHooked               ; nope - exit

        push ax
        push ds
        mov ax,2509h              ;Unhook ourself
        mov ds,Old09Segment
        mov dx,Old09Offset
        int 21h                   ;Point Int 09h back to original
        pop ds
        pop ax
        mov cs:Hooked,0           ;Set installed flag back to zero

UnhookKeyPress endp
--- FidoPCB v1.3 [ff053/x]
 * Origin: Canada Remote Systems, Mississauga, Ontario  (1:229/15)
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