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Date: 11-20-92 (11:08)             Number: 336
From: TONY ELLIOTT                 Refer#: NONE
  To: DENNIS POWERS                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: .EXE file reading its      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 TE>better off putting it in a seperate file. I have some code that
 TE>will tell you the drive/path of the .exe file currently running, so
 TE>it's easy to locate your data as well. Let me know if you need it.

 DP> This bit of code would be real handy!  If it's not too large or too
 DP> much  trouble to post I would like to see it.  Thanks.

Here you go. One note.. If you use this routine from within the
QB/QBX/VBDOS IDE, the program path/name that will be returned is that
of the IDE itself. Good luck!

DECLARE FUNCTION ExeName$ ()                'Declare our function
REM $INCLUDE: 'QBX.BI'                      'Use QB.BI if running QB4.x

PRINT "Program name is: "; ExeName$


    DIM Reg AS RegType                  'Get ready for CALL INTERRUPT = &H5100                     'DOS function 51h - get PSP
    CALL Interrupt(&H21, Reg, Reg)
    DEF SEG = Reg.bx
    EnvSeg% = PEEK(&H2C) + PEEK(&H2D) * 256     'Get address to environment
    DEF SEG = EnvSeg%
        Value% = PEEK(Offset%)          'Look at each character
        IF Value% = 0 THEN              'All entries ASCIZ terminated
            Count% = Count% + 1
            IF Count% AND ExeFlag% THEN 'Name of our .EXE also ASCIZ
                EXIT DO                 'Exit when we reach the end
            ELSEIF Count% = 2 THEN      'Last entry in environment terminated
                ExeFlag% = -1           'with two CHR$(0)'s. Two bytes ahead
                Offset% = Offset% + 2   'is the .EXE file name. Set flag.
            END IF
        ELSE                            'If Value%<>0 then reset the
            Count% = 0                  ' zero counter.
            IF ExeFlag% THEN            'If looking at EXE name, build string.
                Temp$ = Temp$ + CHR$(Value%)
            END IF
        END IF
        Offset% = Offset% + 1
    DEF SEG                             'Don't forget this!
    ExeName$ = Temp$                    'Assign our temp$ to the function


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